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boring for european hinges


Please give the dimension from edge of door and top and bottom of door.

routing for finger pulls

Routing for finger pulls $2.00 per door.

Please give the dimension from edge of door and top and bottom of door.

Custom programming

Contact our office for custom programming information and prices specific to your order.

non-standard components

All doors have standard 2.25 stiles and rails. Any variation is considered to be non-standard.

Special location of center rails or stiles add $10.00 programming fee to square foot price of door.

  • MDF Paint Grade Cabinet Doors & Panels
  • Custom Signs (Plastic or Wood)
  • Fluted Moulding
  • Arch Moulding
  • Dental Moulding
  • Custom Fireplace Fronts
  • Special Hardwood Flooring
  • Decorative Carvings
  • Decorative Grilles
  • Brackets
  • Custom Part Programming
  • Rosettes Blocks
  • Keystone Blocks
  • Plinth Blocks


- Unfinished doors are made of double refined MDF door grade.

- Doors are machined on computerized CNC router.

- All door and drawer fronts are manufactured 3/4" thick.

- Door stiles & rails are 2 1/4 wide. Variable upon request for glass. Raw mullion doors and frames.

- Backs are not routed for glass normally but can be upon request for an additional charge.

- Maximum door height or width is 97".

- Minimum width of square raised panel door is 7 1/4" without reducing stiles.

- Minimum height on Roman arched raised panel doors is 9 1/2" without altering the shape of the arch.

- Position of the center rails on split panel variable upon request.

- All unfinished doors are delivered sanded.

- Boring for hinges available. See special pricing.

- Raised panel drawer fronts minimum width and height is 6".

Door Styles

Specialty Doors

shipping & delivery

Whenever possible, CNC Woodcrafters will deliver your order via our trucks. Otherwise, your orders will be shipped freight or UPS. All freight orders are shipped freight collect. CNC Woodcrafters will ship orders in the most cost-effective manner, based on quantity and size of doors. If you have a preference as to shipping methods or any special freight considerations, please contact our office.

Delivery is free on $500.00 orders within a 100 mile radius. There will be a $50.00 delivery fee for orders under $350.00 within a 50 mile radius.